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Pettoverse Anti-barking Harmless and humane no shock vibrating collar for dogs

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Imagine having a bark-free, peaceful, walk around your neighborhood with the Pettoverse Anti-barking Harmless and humane no shock vibrating collar for dogs? 


Barking is our dog's natural way of communicating. Barks made in different situations sound different and likely have different meanings. Dogs may bark when calling out to other dogs, expressing emotion, being territorial or when trying to grab their owner's attention. They are not a one-size-fits-all vocal signal, and they definitely serve a greater purpose than simply saying “hey” or “look out.”

Therefore, the goal of our product is to reduce barking to acceptable levels, and even completely eliminate them, in the most humane way possible - Beeps and vibrations. Not only is it humane, but it is also user friendly. However, in order for the vibrating collar to be effective we need to know how to properly use it. We recommend the following guideline in order to get the most out of your collar:

  1. Properly set up the collar to your dog's neck size (adjustable to breeds between 7-120lbs). There must be at least an inch between the prongs and the neck of your dog. Cut out the excess. 
  2. Put the collar before the stimulus, or what causes your dog to bark. For example, if your dog likes to bark at other dogs when taking them out for a walk, place the collar before going out.
  3. Do not leave it more than 8 hours! Please do not put the collar and forget about it. If you leave it more than the recommended time it will cause two problems. 
    • A) Your dog will not associate the collar to the correction
    • B) It will scrub off your dog's fur if you leave it for a long period of time 

For a more complete guide on how to use our anti-barking collar you can click here. 

Key Benefits of the Pettoverse Anti-barking Harmless and humane no shock vibrating collar for dogs: 

  • THE MOST HUMANE AND PAINLESS WAY OF TRAINING YOUR DOG NOT TO BARK – This is a non-shock collar that beeps when your dog barks to alert them of the incoming vibrations.
  • LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE – You will be asking why you didn’t get it before. The goal is to condition your dog to not bark when wearing the Pettoverse anti-bark collar. Therefore, it should only be used in a situational basis – taking out your dog, barking at visitors, etc – and they should NOT wear it more than 6 hours!
  • EASY TO SET UP AND USE – It has two settings. One controls the 7 levels of sensitivity, and the other setting controls the vibration intensity.
  • HASSLE FREE EXPERIENCE - Forget having to buy batteries every few months, this is a rechargeable unit. 3 hours to charge for 10-14 days of operation. 
  • FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES - This collar is adjustable for any breed between 7-120lbs. This is a Bark collar for small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs.

Pettoverse harmless anti barking collar for dogs

Why did we develop a harmless and humane no shock collar?

After years of patiently training our beagles not to bark at a flying paper bag we were at our wits end, trying every technique in the book taught by the industry’s best, yet we were exactly back to were we started, an overexcited barking alarm! Loving our dogs as much as we do, we were against any collar that would harm our dogs, so we decided to develop our own humane No-shock vibrating collar that would work as a training device. We did not want to change our dog’s behavior, as beagles are hunting dogs by nature, but we needed to instill some modicum of manners into them - getting them to bark less. After countless trials and errors we were able to create a harmless barking collar that would beep and vibrate at the sound of their bark. Of course, we needed to associate the correction of the collar to the bark, so before putting the collar on we decided to find out why they were barking and place the collar before the stimulus. After consistently using the collar before the stimulus our dogs now associate it (collar) to the correction. It did not completely eliminate barking, nor did did we set out our product to do so, but it diminish barking by 60-70%. Depending on the breed results might vary. Voila! Our dear dog finally acquired some good behaviors.

Time to finally enjoy a peaceful, no-barking, walk!


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