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The tough life of Animal Rescuers

The tough life of Animal Rescuers

"Cat shot with a BB gun 25 times!" - Scoring headline in the Panamanian news. We had the pleasure of spending one week with an Animal Foundation and rescue group by the name of 4ever Rescuers Panama. Headlines such as the aforementioned are a common occurrence in Panama, exacerbating the reality of human cruelty and the day-to-day job of the foundation. More often than not, these occurrences happen in low income communities where animals are objects of boredom pleasing. Aghast by such cruelty, the Panamanian government will only publicize it through its news feed, yet fail to implement any regulatory laws to deal with these individuals.

During our stay we helped the foundation rescue a couple of kittens that were abandoned at a gas station, starved, and agglomerated in a corner to warm off the cold night. 

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