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Anna Frank And Her Cats

Anna Frank and her love for cats story

Anna Frank, the teenage jewish girl known for the diary she kept while in hiding from the nazis during WWII, loved cats. She owned several during her short lifetime, and mentioned four by name in her diary. 

Anna Franks cats moortje

Moortje - Her own black cat that she had to leave behind with neighbors when her family went into hiding.

Mouschi Anna Frank and her cats

Mouschi - The cat of another family who joined the franks in hiding.

Anna Frank and her love for cats Tommy

Tommy - Another warehouse cat that used to fight with Moffie and had run away by the time Anne began her diary.

Moffie Anna Frank cats

Moffie - A warehouse cat living in the building where the family hid.

Anne Frank was just 15 years old when she died but her diary is perhaps the best known document chronicling life under Nazi occupation. Written over the course of two years, Anne’s diary details the time that her family spent in hiding during the Nazis’ occupation of the Netherlands. Anne Frank died at the age of 15. The exact date of Anne’s death is not known but it is thought she died in either February or March of that year. Both Anne and Margot are believed to have contracted typhus at Bergen-Belsen and died around the same time, just a few weeks before the camp was liberated.

🐈🐱🐕🐶🐾 Happy Pet's, Happy Life!

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